Ahlan bel Matbakh

Your home kitchens across Lebanon! Ahlan bel Matbakh are small-scale restaurants created and developed in the houses of passionate cooks from Souk el Tayeb’s family, where they share their generosity and specialties, all through an experience that feels entirely like home.

“Ahlan – Matbakh Georgina” is Georgina’s family kitchen; a few tables nestled between the orange trees, around a small water pond, where you can enjoy the best Kebbeh and much more.

“Ahlan – Saj Rima”, located in Ramliyyeh Aley, is a home Saj ran by Rima Massoud, whose Manakish have become famous in Souk El Tayeb saturday’s farmers market since 2004.

The Good Thymes is ZAATAR wonderland! In 2017, Fady Aziz, founder of The Good Thymes, started his business as a hobby project. Designer by day, Fady turned his hobby into a full time job.

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