“AHLAN” by Souk el Tayeb is a new approach to local tourism and productive economies through a network of Matbakh (home restaurants), Beit (guest homes) and Deken (farm shops) – owned by small-scale farmers and producers, across Lebanon.

All projects are community-based social enterprises that aim at creating sustainable and local businesses, and providing opportunities for vulnerable youth, females and families within their communities to meet the increasing demand in the agro-tourism sector.

Matbakh Georgina

Saj Rima

The Good Thymes

Feuille Verte

Souk El Tayeb

Your home kitchens across Lebanon! Ahlan bel Matbakh are small-scale restaurants created and developed in the houses of passionate cooks from Souk el Tayeb’s family.

One-of-a-kind getaways from the south to the north of Lebanon! Ahlan bel Beit gives you the opportunity to spend a night or more in a unique guesthouse all around the country.

Your go-to spots for fruits & vegetables & Mouneh shopping! Ahlan bel Deken are farmers’ shops that sell traditional agricultural produce straight from the lands where they are located.

Our Mission

AHLAN is set to create an alternative model of sustainable domestic tourism whereby projects are owned by the producers and/or cooks. Moreover, more than 120 vulnerable young men and women from across Lebanon will benefit from technical and vocational training and subsequently be employed in the enterprises.

Our Vision

With AHLAN, Souk El Tayeb sets a new vision of local tourism that celebrates the best that Lebanon has to offer: its hospitality. “Adapt to the change. And create new projects that fit the new reality”.

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